My client information is private, and all samples are not available for viewing. The following samples are provided with client identifying information edited for safety. Extended experience has been deleted to maintain a one-page format. These resume techniques have been approved by the National Resume Writers’ Association (NRWA). 

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"Resume Newbie took my résumé to the next level! I was tired of consulting and looking for work. Niya catered to my specific needs and delivered my new résumé revamped and polished. She was professional from start to finish, and my résumé was delivered in the timeline specified. Within the first two weeks of using it, I secured 5 interviews (phone and in-person) and within a month I was negotiating a salary $15,000.00 over what I was scared to ask for. Even when I was nervous paying so much for a résumé, she made sure to remind me that I was investing in myself and if I just trusted the process, the results would come. She was right! I can’t thank her enough!"               Jennifer M., New York, NY, Mid-Level IT Professional


 “I had a good sales job making $60,000 a year, but with a wife and three kids I was never home. I wanted a management position that didn’t have a low base salary or rely on me working a sixty hour work week to take care of my family. I chose Resume Newbie because with all the services out there, I wanted to work one-on-one and not a nameless person overseas. She understood my desire to get a management position and worked to get my résumé up to par. Once I began receiving interviews, I ran into a position that was perfect, but required two rounds of interviews and a pitch presentation, which I’ve never done. She prepped me from start to finish and I nailed it! I’m extremely satisfied and my wife finally has me home."              Andrew W., Chicago, IL, Senior Management in Conference Sales


"I have been a driver for many years with only a high school diploma. I wanted to advance my career by going into the medical field. Once the ten month training was over, no one would hire me with only driving experience. Niya gave me a résumé that utilized my non-medical experience and got my foot in the door. She prepped me on how to answer career transition interview questions and present myself better. I couldn’t afford to quit my job to do a non-paid internship and needed to pay bills. I went to a for-profit school that did not provide quality employment services, and had to do a lot on my own. With Niya’s help, I was able to secure a paid internship with a great clinic while I earn required hours necessary for certification."            Travis K., Orlando, FL, Entry-Level Medical Technician