I've opened up my professional vault to bring you two products that will elevate your career with clarity and execution. Can't work with me right now? This is the next best thing. Whether you need help with resume writing, interviews, or an ATS-friendly modern template, this shop has it! Add any or all (you know you love a bundle like the rest of us!) to your career library now!

GET THE JOB: Writing Secrets of a Professional Résumé Writer {Instant Download} - $25.00

Do you see the need of a professional résumé writer, but can’t afford to hire one? This book is for you! I hate to break it to you, but the many résumé how-to books you see, most are not written by actual writers.

Reviewing résumés is NOT the same as writing résumés for desperate job seekers, and getting results. In this compact guide you will learn how to:

** Gather the right information from the start to save time during the writing process

** Find the right résumé style that will work for your career story

** Write your résumé from an achiever point of view, and not a doer.

** Deemphasize gaps and information that may hurt your chances.

As a professional résumé writer certified by The National Résumé Writers’ Association, I’ve helped thousands of job seekers transform their job search in 60 days or less. Are you next? Your dream job is waiting!