I've opened up my professional vault to bring you two products that will elevate your career with clarity and execution. Can't work with me right now? This is the next best thing. Whether you need help with resume writing, interviews, or an ATS-friendly modern template, this shop has it! Add any or all (you know you love a bundle like the rest of us!) to your career library now!


Let me guess, your résumé is great, right? But, if you can't close the deal in an interview, what's the point? Too many women struggle with the dreaded interview.

"Well, I don't want to come across as a know-it-all."

"What do I say when I'm asked about my employment gap?"

And the list goes on....

Stop overthinking and get the help you need!

Feel Fierce + Get Hired Interview Prep Guide and Journal {Instant Download or Paperback} - $29.00

Can you afford an interview coach? If your answer is no, you’re not alone. Coaches, like myself, can run job hunters anywhere from approximately $100 to $1000 an hour or more. Before you say, “That’s too much money!” consider the alternative. I’ve seen women of all professional levels stay mediocre due to not boldly communicating why they’re great for the job. Some of my clients find it hard to add hard-earned achievements on their résumés for fear of being boastful. This has to stop.

After you’ve spent time and money crafting the perfect cover letter and résumé, 81% of you fail to seal the deal during the interview. Why? Lack of confidence and preparation.

Feel Fierce + Get Hired dives deeper into the interview process and gives more tips and strategies to get you the job offer. This full color and comprehensive guide will have you going into any interview feeling fierce understanding how to: 

** Answer any question with a winning formula

** Properly conduct company research

** Track interview progress

** Craft the proper thank you note, and MORE