How Does the Process Work?

Initial Phone Consultation

We start with a 30-minute career strategy call to learn more about you, your career goals, and the companies you want to target. We will review your expertise and current résumé (if you have one) and determine the best strategy for your professional level. Once we decide that working together is a good fit, you place an online order for the services you need.

Onboarding Process

Upon booking, you will receive a confirmation email that includes a link to our onboarding questionnaire and service contract. We’d rather have too much information about you than too little, so we want to know about anything that’s not on your résumé that could help us get to know you better. You will have an opportunity to upload recommendations, open positions you see and like (if any), and any other information that helps tell your story. You will also have the opportunity to schedule additional exploratory strategy sessions to ensure we uncover everything we need to ensure a successful process.

Delivery of Final Documents

Your first draft will be delivered to you 10 to 15 business days after receipt of your questionnaire and documentation. If you have chosen a package that includes a LinkedIn profile overhaul, we’ll complete it 24 to 48 hours after your résumé. Once final revisions have been made, we’ll send your final documents in Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, and ASCII formats.


Once your résumé project is delivered, you are allowed two rounds of revisions. We can also schedule additional strategy sessions to discuss changes in more detail. If you’ve purchased a deluxe or premier package, you’ll receive your LinkedIn profiles within 72 hours of final résumé delivery.

Do You Work with Clients Out-Of-State and Internationally?

Yes, we do. More than 90% of our clients are out of the New York area. In addition to US-based executives, we’ve worked with those seeking opportunities in Africa, Australia, Asia, Canada, Europe, and the Middle East. Whether you’re searching for opportunities in your own country or globally, we can help.

Do You Offer a Guarantee?

While we do not offer a blanket guarantee that includes a full refund, we will work with our clients to maximize their new marketing documents. Typically, our clients gain a significant increase in interview requests; however, if a client has failed to garner any new invitations to interview using the documents we’ve created, most of the time it’s not the résumé at all, but the ways you use it.

Just like in investing, it’s always best to diversify. Your job search is no different. With our 99%-plus success rate, we rarely receive requests for a complete résumé rewrite. Instead, we advise you on how to diversify your job search through our comprehensive strategy sessions. If you do not see an increase in the number of interviews you’re getting within 60 days of applying these new methods and strategies, we will rewrite your résumé for free.

What is Your Pricing?

Our pricing is straightforward and transparent, and we offer a selection of premium packages and à la carte services to maximize ROI. Packages range from $900 to $3300, depending on your professional level and the services we render.

Why Choose Career Global over Other Résumé Companies?

We are career branders and storytellers who have built an impressive list of credentials, certifications, and credibility. We’ve been featured in top outlets such as Forbes, Yahoo! Finance, Glassdoor, Big Interview, and many more! Top executives choose Career Global because we’ve perfected career branding and offer every client a highly customized service. We do not outsource our work, and we are fully committed to your career progress.

When you choose Career Global, you are choosing a top-tier résumé service with expertise in more than 30 industries. We rely on an international arts background that helps us not only understand how to leverage the characteristics of a good story (structure, format, and style) but how to provide personalized coaching blueprints that make you the obvious choice, regardless of your competition.

We pride ourselves on not being a résumé mill and providing unmatched post-delivery support.

Can I See Other Samples That Aren’t on the Website?

No. Client projects are private, and not all samples are available for viewing. The samples that we have approved and chosen for the website give you a glimpse into our approach, strategy, and final product quality.

We do not provide additional samples because we are committed to protecting our clients’ privacy and to prevent ourselves from copyright infringement.

Do You Offer Résumé Updates?

Yes, we definitely do! We offer reduced pricing to clients who return to update their marketing tools.