You are here because you’re ready to invest in yourself and your career.

I will help you find CLARITY.

I will build a career STRATEGY.

I will create a branding package that sells YOUR story.

When you work one-on-one with me you will understand what makes your career story unique. You may have gaps in employment, short lived stints at companies here and there, and an unfinished education, but your career story must still be told.


“Do I really need a cover letter?” Yes, yes, and YES!

Cover letters are not obsolete, and it is a necessary piece of your application to introduce why you’re the right person for the job.

Cover letters have gotten shorter! To grab the recruiter or hiring manager’s attention, you must do so quickly while enticing them to keep reading. Have no idea how to do that? No worries! My service packages take care of that for you, giving you a customizable cover letter that gives the reader exactly what they’re looking for.

Let me guess, you’ve done a ton of internet research about how to get your résumé to the top of the pile, and you’re even more confused than when you started. Am I right? You're not the only one!

I will give you the confidence to hit the ground running and get the interviews that have eluded you for so long.

The key to selling your career story is making sure your new documents don’t sound like industry jargon that you would never say, but allows you to communicate your achievements in an authentic and new way. 

Whether you have employment gaps, short-lived positions, or unfinished college degrees, I will make all the puzzle pieces fit to put your best foot forward in any professional setting, and get SEEN, HIRED, AND PAID WHAT YOU'RE WORTH!

My résumés not only WOW the reader, but is ATS-friendly, keyword-optimized, and coincides with your career strategy that is conducive to where you are in your career and where you’re trying to go.