I don’t write résumés, I tell stories.
— Niya Allen
Niya Allen, NCRW, CCTC, CCM

Hi, I’m Niya! I’m a nationally certified résumé writer, career coach, and author, and I spend my days and often nights equipping international job seekers with customized branding materials and coaching blueprints that lead them to purposeful careers.

I’ve been published by career websites and top resource guides due to my distinct voice and approach to cover letters and résumés. I came to New York City from San Francisco at 21 years old ready to hustle for my acting dream. Four years later, I realized that I loved writing stories more than performing them.

Years later (don't ask me how many!) I’m still applying those same storytelling principals to clients who want to tell their career story. What’s your career story? I'd love to tell it!

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As a veteran career coach I’ve worked with a lot of resume writers over the past decade. Niya stands out from the pack because of her ability to put clients’ resume and cover letter worries to rest, recognize their potential in a heartbeat, and be able to communicate that in authentic, compelling language. If you get the opportunity to work with her, don’t hesitate!
— Heather Petherick

How do you know if I'm the writer for you?

You're my client if:

  • You appreciate my aesthetic (whether classic, modern, and every now and then some color).

  • You desire your work ethic and experience to finally match your salary.

  • You have the worst case of résumé shame, and you understand the value of a résumé that works.

  • You’re ready to INVEST in yourself, understanding that your personal brand presentation is what’s going to get you to the top of the pile.

  • You're tired of doing it alone.

Clients choose me because:

Not sure what you need? Send your current resume and let's discuss your options.

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Everyone thinks their case is hopeless at one point or another. You’re not hopeless! I will talk you off the ledge and remind you that you’re awesome and devise a plan so your résumé reflects that awesomeness!


Let’s face it, creating a résumé isn’t rocket science, however, there’s a difference between mediocre, just okay, and the crème de la crème. As an actress and avid creative writer, I earned a bachelor’s degree in theater arts, so I know how to tell a story. Combine that with being published as an industry expert and one of less than 100 certified résumé writers in the country by The National Résumé Writers’ Association, I’m the best of both worlds.


While I create a step-by-step blueprint for your career success, I believe in a collaborative effort. What does that mean? Spill your guts! To tell a complete career story, I want to know the details you don’t think are important. By the end of the project, I want you to be empowered and believe in your value to any company.


When I’m not creating client packages, I battle my monster sweet tooth that tries to take over my life. I love Asian martial arts films with subtitles, and I'm convinced that it's never too late to be a Kung Fu master. I wear workout clothes without doing the actual workout, and am always in the mood to laugh at Instagram memes.

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